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Aston Villa fans strike to protest duri

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# 02.03.2016 - 02:48:31

Thousands of fans left before the event and planned 74 minutes - chosen to mark the founding of the town in 1874 - and the only goal for his team Rudy Gestede scored five minutes later was lost.Players can now quickly reserve some of the cheap FIFA coins, wait until a sale of the game, you can play immediately FIFA 16 game.
However inevitable conclusion was the game then with Villa, who have won only three times in 28 games this season, floating cut at the bottom of the table on the left.
For fans who stayed at Stoke on Saturday, there were more self-critical, other songs against the owner Randy Lerner and provocative interpretation of "Aston Villa ...., by far the greatest team the world has ever seen."
The question of protest from fans Villa coach Remi Garde said: "I'm not too comfortable with I am what I am not capable enough to evaluate the performance of each time ..
"I fully respect the fans of this football club, but I have to respect my position and therefore the people I in this position.
"I will focus my energy trying to get points we need. That's my job and trying to keep the player, as confidently as I possibly can, and we must stay together in this difficult situation.
"It is difficult to find the right words, but we always find resources deep inside, everyone."
Everton took the lead in the fifth minute when Ramiro Funes Mori headed in a corner kick Kevin Mirallas.
Aaron Lennon made it 2-0 in the 30th minute after a flourish Everton and Romelu Lukaku comes after the third hour before the consolation goal for Gestede.Now FIFA coins online supermarkets sell fifa coins, you can go to compare, choose an inexpensive store.
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